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IT & Business Educator • Salem Hills High School

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Mrs. Reynaud
Mrs. Reynaud

Josie Reynaud
Information Technology & Business Educator
Salem Hills High School
150 North Skyhawk Boulevard
Salem, UT 84653

Room: C-104

Phone: (801) 423-3200 x1537
Fax: (801) 423-3206

About Me

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Mrs. Reynaud is a Salem Hills High School teacher who specializes in Information Technology and Business. Mrs. Reynaud offers the following courses at Salem Hills High School

She is also the SHHS Business Department Chair. Mrs. Reynaud has been an Adviser for the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), in Nebo School District, since 2003.

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Mrs. Reynaud is a Concurrent Enrollment teacher and Adjunct professor for Utah Valley University. She offers courses in

Mrs. Reynaud also serves on the UVU Information Systems Advisory Board as the High School representative. She has received recognition as Utah's Outstanding Business Educator in 2010, and SHHS Crystal Apple recipient in 2012.

Prior to her career at Salem Hills High School, Mrs. Reynaud completed her student teaching at Kearns High School, taught 3 years at Independence High School, and 6 years at Payson High School.

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Mrs. Reynaud attended Southern Utah University where she received a degree in Business Education/Computer Information Systems. Since then she has earned endorsements in Digital Media, Computer Programming, and ESL.


  1. Technology
  2. Reading
  3. Scrapbooking
  4. Hiking
  5. Fishing
  6. Camping

UVU Course Descriptions

DGM 1010
Basic Computer Applications (2.0 Credits) - Prerequisite(s): Basic keyboarding skill teaches basic computer concepts and applications. Covers core computer hardware components and networking concepts, basics of an operating system, fundamental operating systems commands, electronic communications, principles of the Internet and the use public and private networks as information resources in a research setting, and a Microsoft Word as a common business communication tool. Course taught through hands-on lab experience and demonstration.
DGM 2010
Business Computer Proficiency (3.0 Credits) - Prerequisite(s): (DGM 1010 with a grade of B- or higher) or (Basic Computer Applications Exam with a score of 80% or higher). Encompasses the four basic business applications, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and Microsoft PowerPoint from a business perspective. Covers intermediate level problem solving and production skills. Uses business applications in case study settings to solve problems and accomplish task. In company with prerequisite, meets/exceeds the Board of Regent’s Business Core Advisory Committee’s requirement, and the Business Computer Proficiency required for matriculation into college or university business schools in the state of Utah.
CS 1030
Foundations of Computer Science (3.0 Credits) - The intent of CS 1030 is not to teach a particular programming language but to give a broad view of what is involved in computer hardware, system software, and software development. This is a foundations course that introduces students to basics of how computer systems work including computer hardware and software. The course also explores how computers can be applied and what types of jobs are available to graduates with various types of computer skills. During this course students will gain experience applying computers through simple scripting and programming exercises in a number of problem domains.
CS 1400
Fundamentals of Programming (3.0 Credits) - CNS 1400 introduces the Fundamental concepts of object oriented programming, using the C# programming language. It presents the ideas, tools, structure, syntax, and basic Object Oriented design techniques for developing well-formed programs. Students study concepts such as problem solving, program structure, classes and objects, methods, data types, control structures, and file and console I/O.
"Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other." - Bill Gates

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